“Evening Redness is a Musical Force”

- CincyMusic.com

“Billock’s fine-tuned vocals give the melodies a serious sense
of drama and emotion across Before the Dark’s 10 tracks.”

- CityBeat

Now Available!

Before the Dark, the debut CD by Evening Redness is now available. Order from Bandcamp, or iTunes


Before The Dark CD


About the Band

Singer, bassist and principal songwriter Brent Billock spent 12 years tackling lead tenor roles on operatic stages throughout the U.S. before finally deciding to pick up a guitar and tell his own story. Melody and drama take center stage in all of his songs.

Brian Rappach beats the drums for Evening Redness and dirty-blues specialists The Whiskey Shambles. Brian's influences span from classic rock to prog-rock, including intensive masterclasses and working sessions with members of Deep Purple and Yes.

Guitarist John White spent years of dominating Guitar Hero on Xbox to prepare him for the rigors of performing on-stage with Evening Redness. He's well versed in 90s guitar rock and 80s punk, giving the band its angular edge.

Through lineup changes and musical re-arrrangements, the band has remained focused on creating accessible rock songs. There’s nothing here that anyone would call “experimental,” but each piece has just enough invention in it to sound like something new.

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